Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Turret details galore! MaK scratch-build 2

Foolishly I decided to start doing detailing and gubbins before finishing off the actual hull. It is too much fun finding appropriate parts to use. For the gun I considered three options-
  1. A railgun made of windscreen wiper parts, a la Mark Stevens.
  2. A large chaingun made of metal piping, again a la Mark Stevens.
  3. A smaller chaingun just made of Tau burst cannons.
I went with the last option, mostly because I'm lazy and had the parts lying around. The Hammerhead burst cannon was the right size, and I mounted it on some more card. I put this behind a hole in the pot so it looked like the gun can traverse up and down. 
As a camera/sensor for the gun I just used a joiner from a Tau gun drone with the stem cut off .The inspection hatch came from the cupola hatch which comes with the Tau Devilfish & Hammerhead kits- it's unused on the Hammerhead kit. EDIT- My bad, it's a left-over hatch from an old conversion which never got finished. The hatch does get used on the Hammerhead.
The bulge which the radar is mounted on is from a pound land key finder which was completely useless at its allotted job, but after being taken apart, the back was perfect. After being roughed up with sandpaper, superglue stuck the back to the pot, and gaps were filled in with green stuff. The radar itself was another part from the Devilfish/Hammerhead sprues- the landing gear- with the landing pad cut off and a wing from a Revell Star Wars kit.

As the key finder had two screwholes, I decided to fill in the other one just with the bottom of a Tau shield drone. The rungs are simply two small staples which haven't been separated from each other green stuffed onto the side of the pot. The aerial too is simple- part of a curtain rail with a paper clip bent out of shape partially.

I wanted to put more weaponry on the tank, but I couldn't see another gun fitting anywhere, so I decided to make a simple rocket launcher. This was made with a rocket from an Imperial Guard heavy weapon box and two screw things (technical term there :P). I chopped down the screw things to all but one notch and the fins off of the rocket, glued the rocket in the top screw thing and the two screw things together. The whole assembly was stuck onto a button which came off of the key finder, which was stuck to the side of the turret. 

Right, that's the turret bits finished off. Next posts will be on the hull and on how well the polyfilla works, when I get round to doing that.

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