Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Milliput and engine bits- MaK scratch-build 4

After realising polyfilla was probably a terrible idea, I went out and got some milliput to round out the hull, and the result was this-
Needs a bit of smoothing out, but for my first time using milliput, I think it's alright. I then moved onto doing the engine bits. I realised that the parts would seem way too exposed and just bits on a flat-surface if they weren't placed in a lowered area, and I tried cutting this into the card which was already on the model, without realising that the PVA glue would stop that from working properly... Silly me.
So instead I made two additional layers of card, both with the same hole cut into them and glued these to the hull. For the engine parts- or at least visible bits of the engines workings I mostly used more 40K bits, but I also used a cable grip from the inside of a socket for a fan and some iPod earphones for cable. The large piece on the top right is supposed to be a heatsink or something similar, and is the foot from a Tau vehicle landing leg, left over from the radar dish on the turret.
After I'd finished the engine bits, I used more milliput to round the card off. After that I glued on the turret on top of its card base.
I felt the hull top looked too bare just with the engine in the middle so I used yet more 40K bits- aerials and the barrels from a Tau Burst cannon as exhaust pipes.
Now I think the build stage is more or less finished, though I may sand down the milliput as it isn't the smoothest of jobs- lots of lumps. I've also decided on a name for the tank, which I think suits its anti-infantry main gun- the Rasenmaeher, or lawnmower. Anyway, I'll leave you for now with what the Rasenmaeher looks like at the moment. Painting should start on Thursday, after I've borrowed a friends spraygun.

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