Thursday, 22 May 2014

3rd ANZAC Battle Group Finished!

So you know those Australians I got last October? I've got them all painted in just over 3 weeks, and I'm really pleased with the way they came out. Even won a game with them against Russians today! Though had we carried on with no time restrictions my opponents undamaged Borodinosaurus battleship would have devoured my crippled fleet... 

(Ignore the one Crocodile submarine facing the wrong way...)

For paints I used a mix of Tamiya (XF-9, Hull Red, for the hulls & XF-52 Flat Earth for the decking) and Citadel (Boltgun Metal for pipes and such, Skull White for the funnels & guns, Chaos Black for the funnels and Fortress Grey for the hulls of the submersibles). As a wash I used a 50/50 (more or less) mix of burnt umber & black oil paints thinned with turpentine. The decals were all from various Maschinen Kreiger kits (specifically the Hagesawa 1/35 Gustav/Melusine kit, the Nitto 1/76 Nutrocker & the 1/20 Wave Polar Bear). I got hold of some Humbrol decal fix for them and it works really nicely, definitely a worthwhile investment. Props to my friend Joe who suggested the adding black to what were originally all white funnels!

And without further ado, lots of photos!

1st Frigate Division
Black Squadron

1st Frigate Division
White Squadron

1st Gunship Division

1st Gunship Division
1st Squadron- HMAS Cavalier (2) & HMAS Wildcat (3)

1st Gunship Division
2nd Squadron- HMAS Quadrant (4) & HMAS Boar (5)

 1st Submarine Division

 1st Submarine Division
Tender Squadron- HMAS Penguin (9) & HMAS Bear (10)

The Pocket Battleships HMAS Muldjewangk (89) & HMAS Digger (70).
The Muldjewangk is an Aboriginee water monster type thing, and 'digger' is slang for an ANZAC soldier.

With Convertible Generators open.

The HMAS Muldjewangk

On a completely unrelated note, last night I got seriously in the zone with Hotline Miami. It's a fantastic 2d, face-down "fuck-'em up". Great soundtrack, rock solid difficulty and completely brutal combat. Thoroughly recommended.
Blood, blood, lord look at all that blood...

After my last uni exam ever(!) I'll be going to the States again, but before then I should have plenty of time to paint the Maghariba Guard I have on the way for Infinity. Hopefully all the Urban War I ordered from Wayland Games should turn up as well. And I have the Rook to finish up when I get back home too. So plenty of stuff for me to be getting on with!

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