Sunday, 30 March 2014

Painting drive, engage!

After essay season ended on Thursday, there's been a flurry of painting activity! The first cause of this was the arrival of many new Infinity models; those sculpts are so cool I can't keep myself away! So now I have an additional Sekban (armed with a Heavy Rocket Launcher no less), an Azra'Il, a Djanbazan sniper and a Fiday to my name as well as the Sekban box set.
The full Sekban team. The new HRL guy (second from the right) is the mini which made me get into Haqqislam.

Been a while since I painted eyes, but I think these turned out OK...

 Seriously cool pose on this guy.

The Fiday. She'll be used as an Odalisque or an Al'Hawwa depending on the list. Needed a female mini and the single Odalisque looks silly, so I got this one instead.

The second cause of the mass painting is the imminence of the UK Student Nationals, which I shall be attending, along with my Britannian fleet. The rules say every mini has to be fully painted, which has forced me to paint tiny flyers after 3 years of procrastination. It also means I've got around to painting some of the stuff from the sub flotilla box I picked up in October.
16 bloody TFTs. Not as annoying to paint as I thought they'd be. Just very boring...

Dominion Support Cruiser


Valiant Attack Subs

On all these I've started using the Tamiya acrylics I picked up, and using either an oil wash, or, on the DW stuff and the bodysuit for the Fiday, a gloss enamel wash. After being told great things about Tamiya, then being informed by the internet that they were "AIDS for brush painting", I've found them reasonable to use. They don't need thinning really, but in between each layer you definitely have to allow the proper time for drying, otherwise you can end up wiping all the paint off. The colours are nice- the dark green on the Infinity stuff is the Olive Drab (JGSDF) XF-74 and the blue-grey on the DW stuff is the Medium Blue XF-18.
I'm really liking mixing my own washes. Mixed right, the flow control is great and the glossiness of the enamel really lends itself to DW stuff.

Hopefully this amount of painting shall continue, but with my diss to be worked on I doubt it...

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