Wednesday, 12 March 2014

New poison!

So after the my wargaming club exploded with Infinity players I decided to take the plunge myself and go for some Haqqislam. I love their medium & heavy infantry, and with the new Sekban boxset just out I decided to treat myself to that.
The minis are nicely proportioned and the poses are good, although not as dynamic as some of the other individual Infinity models. Although the details seemed to be lacking at first glance, after some primer they showed up a lot better, showing some really quite intricate detail. Although there is a reasonable amount of small flash, the lack of casting lines on these minis is quite astounding. The moment I realised they weren't there snuck up on me, but it's really nice not having to deal with them.
Assembly of the head & back is extremely straight forward, but the arms are a different matter and can be very fiddly to attach.
I went with a straight forward scheme similar to the official one of khaki for cloth & a light green for armour. Shoulder pads in yellow & red and the back rods (something to do with the Sekban fighting in zero-G I reckon) in dark grey break up the scheme. As my old GW wash was all dried up, I experimented with a burnt umber oil paint thinned with artists turpentine as a wash, which works very nicely, providing a much more weathered look to the minis

The end result is only table-top standard, with the shoulder pads in need of touching up and some way of preventing metal minis chipping needed desperately, but they're fun to paint and still a really cool design.

I also went and got some more supplies. The Tamiya shall be my new main paint for my Britannian's in Dystopian Wars, as I've heard good things about Tamiya, and the Enamel thinners is for some old Humbrol Black which I plan on using as a wash for DW minis. I hadn't realised Tamiya acrylics smell, and the combination along with trying out the Enamel thinners and mixing the oil wash for the Sekban resulted in many new smells coming from the paint bench yesterday!

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