Sunday, 15 December 2013

Updating Illustriously

So this semester is over and I'm hanging around in Aber waiting to be a witness at a Magistrate's trial because of reasons before heading back home for Christmas. Sounds like the perfect time to get on with some painting! Which I have done.

See, look, painted and stuff! The Illustrious Sky Fortress, probably my favourite sky fortress in DW. I decided just plain brown decking was boring and tried some markings, which turned out reasonably well so long as you don't look too close. I also had to paint tiny flyers, which is something I've been putting off since I started playing DW...

In other news, the Su-100 is progressing slowly; all I need to do now is do streaking and apply some pigments and it's done. I'm also painting a friends Chimera as I felt the need to do some larger armour, I'll put some shots of that up at some point.

As well as painting I've been using my spare time to watch more anime than usual. Kill la Kill is insane and brilliant. I'm not too fond of OTT stuff when it tries to be serious, but Kill la Kill is similar to Redline in that it's self-aware enough to throw all pretense out the window and just becomes ludicrously good fun.
Yes that is a giant recorder missile being lifted by a girl whose clothes double up as a jet engine. Your point?

A more serious series I've caught up with is the Ghost in the Shell: Arise OVAs. Definitely on par with Stand Alone Complex, like SAC it also has a fantastic OST. But the next one's being released June 2014 I believe, which is an embugerence.

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