Thursday, 17 October 2013

Back from the dead!

Hello folks! Rumors of my death were much exaggerated etc. Just life was a little busy over the summer what with teaching NYC kids about nature and only having internet access 1 day a week etc. But I have no excuse for the absence after the 21st of August :P
I got back to Aber mid-September time and have been busy since. But I have done some modelling things! Not many though admittedly...
I got around to finishing painting some of my Dystopian Wars Russian Coalition stuff in the week before Freshers. Frigates, Gunships and a Repair Cruiser!
As a result of Student Loan I splurged on yet more DW stuff, which it will be way too long before I complete! The Australian Fleet Box and the Britannian & Russian expansion boxes. Having played with all them I love them all. Spartan sure can pump out some crazy designs- a giant underwater submarine chainsaw  (Britannian Vengeance) and a battleship with a drill like what they used for the Channel Tunnel as its prow (Russian Khatanga)? Yes Please! Aussies are less wacky but probably my favourite looking fleet, and they play incredibly solid too- I actually won a game with them; me winning a game being something of an oddity!
KoB Dominion Class Support Cruiser

KoB Vengeance Class Submarine
RC Khatanga Class Ice Breaker

RC Tiksi Class Support Cruiser

Nikel Class Heavy Frigate
Aussies, Brits & Ruskies assemble!

I also got a pretty damn rare Ma.K kit- a Zionel Westen 1/76 Sand Stalker.
Not the best quality I've ever seen if I'm frank; I had bits from a Revell M48 & a UniModel SU-100 lying around so I decided to do some mods.
The big gun is from the SU-100 kit which has some T-34 bits mixed in on the sprues so I nabbed that, along with a ventilation thingy & periscope.
The block on the rear (some miscellany from the M48 kit) was originally in my thinking for the bigger guns recoil, as in the Sherman Firefly, but now I'm thinking just move the radio into there to clear out the turret. The insets in the indents on either side are the rear radiator from the M48 cut down the middle.
I did a burst of activity before Uni started requiring actual attention and I think this will be my main project when I do hobby stuff. 

Some other stuff I've been doing is the actual SU-100 were some of the Sand Stalker bits came from- a pretty mundane project but a nice kit which shouldn't take too much effort to finish off- and some Dystopian Legions stuff which isn't by best work and not really worth putting up. Maybe after I've based them.
UniModel 1/76 SU-100. A nice little kit, which is a little further along than this pic, having been covered in a uniform green mix.

More updates hopefully soon!

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