Sunday, 22 December 2013


Back home and I've started work again on the Rook, a very nice 1/35 garage kit from Industria Mechanika. I started it briefly during the summer and finished most of the leg assembly. Now I've moved on to the main hull as the rest of the parts which need to be attached to the legs will be attached separately to make painting easier.
My first time working with brass etch and shaping wire, but it's going reasonably well, although the minigun nearly drove me crazy, partially due to not seeing some parts provided which made it easier. My own clumsiness and impatience are causing lots of little breakages unfortunately, but nothing major.
I also made a new crew figure to go in the hatch from spares as the figures provided in the kit are seated.
Hopefully construction at least will be completed by early January, when I go back to Aber, though I intend to start painting before then if all goes well.

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