Friday, 22 May 2015

The Azra'Illest

Apologies for the prolonged absence dear readers, I'm definitely planning on updating with regularity once more!

What spurred me on to finally right a new blog post was my recent purchase of the new Azra'Il for Infinity. I was a massive fan of the old sculpts, so I was a little miffed when they became redundant (fortunately the Panzerfaust Azra'Il was reborn as an Ahl Fassed proxy) but my love for massive HI quickly overcame this. And when the previews for the new sculpt went up I fell in love again.

The kit itself is awesome. CB's new CAD sculpts have some great detailing and feel nice and solid, and with a Silhouette 5 model the Azra'Il really exemplifies this.

The Azra'Il logo on the right shoulder took me off-guard. Great sculpting!

Once I get him built I'll put him next to some standard Infinity guys to show how massive he is.
And don't worry, I've started working on the Rook again, plenty of Infinity to paint and a batch of super-rare 1/76 Ma.K kits inbound. Plenty of blogging to be doing in the not too distant future!

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