Monday, 20 August 2012

Late, as usual!

Update time! I actually have an excuse for the long delay, I was busy cycling from John O'Groats to Lands End. Even if I finished more thank a week ago. Shush.

Anyway, I got the Nutrocker done. Good fun build, and it was my first time using a rattle-can base coat in more then 5 years and it sure beats using a brush to basecoat. It was just a case of spray, leave to dry, two coats of the main colour (Vallejo Game Colour Camouflage Green, every other paint was GW) and then on to details. Certain bits were painted in Shadow Grey, to mix up the colour a bit. The brown splodges are supposed to be camouflage of Snakebite Leather & Dark Flesh, but the Snakebite Leather gets drowned out a bit by the pigments. After the camo I did the ID band- Ultramarines Blue. At first I used it watered it down and some of it seeped out from under the masking, and I kicked myself for that; then I realised it was a good way to grubby up the Nut, so I went over the whole thing in a very watered down coat of the same blue. I then did pin washes using Devlan Mud, drybrushed the whole thing in Vomit Brown and then did some chipping using Boltgun Metal, focusing on the railings and engine bits. Lastly I coated the whole thing in MiG Dark Mud pigment (I love that stuff) and around the chippings and engine bits I put on some MiG Light Rust pigment. And it was done. I'm planning a full-size base in the imminent future, but for now here are the pics as is.

Before I started doing EtE I found an old RC car and thought it had great potential as a Sandstalker look alike. Here's my initial idea, using a cupola, crew & machine gun from that 1/35 Abrams I have lying around, the front off an old Space Marine Rhino and some other stuff.
Well, after I muddled about and added some spoons a very kind gent on the Maschinen Kreiger forums did some spiffy concept art for me and I had a much clearer idea of what I wanted the thing to look like. And this is how it looks now.

And that's all for now folks!

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