Thursday, 12 July 2012

Many things.

Many things have happened since my last post.
Firstly, I got the Melusine finished! Fun build, a good introduction to Maschinen Kreiger kits. I'm pretty pleased with the results, but I fluffed on the baggage I tried to make with milliput. The paint chipping/rust technique I got from a guy off of the Ma.K forum. It's essentially dry-brushing a mix of Red Gore, Chaos Black & Tin Bitz with a sponge. It probably needs to be applied a little heavier than it is here, but looks OK I reckon.
Next up, I managed to find a 1/76 Nutrocker on eBay and nabbed it! I also made a video giving the kit a lookover, which can be found here.

Before making the Nutrocker, I made the little SAFS which comes with the kit and made my first diorama, using a cocktailstick box full of polyfilla, plenty of dirt & PVA glue and some moss.

I had to pose the legs with green stuff, and the suit was pretty hard to pose. Still, it was a fun build. The pouches & rope are from the Bolt Action paratroopers (which I've done barely anything to still...) and the hook & reel is made from a bit from the 1/35 Abrams (which aside from that reamins untouched), two Bolt-action pick-axe heads and some thread. I tested out the Mig pigments I got for the Nutrocker on the suit, and was pretty pleased with the results. Like drybrushing, just a hell of a lot dryer, and easier to fix if you put it on too heavy The stone pillar bit is PVA glue mixed with soil, then overbrushed with Shadow Grey and several layers of Kommando Khaki.

I'm doing the Nutrocker now, but I'm tempted to make a PaK variant using a Chieftain turret. Hopefully I shall remember to get around to updating this blog more often!

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